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Affiliate Disclosure / Policies & Privacy



All photos, articles, and e-books found on walkerland.ca are covered by copyright and wholly owned by Charlotte & Ryan Walker.

We permit LIMITED sharing of our content. Permitted sharing includes:

  • You may link to our website or a specific post on this website without permission.
  • You may extract and re-post up to 200 words provided you link back to the original post.
  • You may share my pictures on social media, including Pinterest, as long as you link back to my original post and credit the photo to me.

Permission Required:

You MUST have express written consent to do any of the following:

  • Use content from this website for commercial purposes, including selling or licensing printed or digital versions of any content found on this website.
  • Re-publish, re-post or entire posts or articles from walkerland.ca.

Affiliate Disclosure

Walkerland may receive a small commission for purchases made in reference to some of the products or services we provide links to on this website. If you purchase those items through our links we will earn a small commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through these links. In fact, we hope to establish discount codes and bonuses once we get this thing figured out. Walkerland will always disclose when the link provided is that of an affiliate.

We do not recommend products unless we already own the product and have sufficiently used and tested it.  We also do not provide ad space to retailers unless we are a customer of theirs.


The Walkerland Team