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I have finally found the perfect containers for our garden, and they arrived today!

There are so many innovative ideas being shared online.  It would seem that you can use just about any vessel to grow food. I love the use of old bathtubs & canoes. Some ideas that use plastics do concern me though …what if chemicals leech into the soil?

We don’t have any old unused items that can be re-purposed for the garden. It was looking to be really expensive to build our boxes from scratch, with the cost of  tools and all materials.

I am a fan (perhaps addict is a better term) of Kijiji. It has helped me furnish our house since moving to Ontario. During my morning coffee and Kijiji ritual, I found an interesting solution. A trucking company in Peterborough was selling wooden shipping crates. The photos presented a nice looking product and the dimensions were pretty lose to what we needed.


I paid $12 per box plus transportation (which I also found on Kijiji). We end up buying twenty boxes which actually equals forty containers (each box has a top and a bottom). This gives me a total of 360 square foot of garden space and about 9 square feet of planting per container for a total of $240 plus shipping. The boxes are well crafted and need very little refinements.


I am sure the neighbors are wondering what in the world we have just purchased as all these mysterious crates got unloaded in our driveway. It does look a bit suspicious. The boxes actually came from South Africa and were used to transport  thin rolls of some kind of metal. Each crate with contents weighed about 1200 pounds and the reels were 8163Ft long.


Tomorrow we start working on prepping the containers for planting. We need to drill drainage holes, line the boxes with a garden fabric, and removing the old shipping labels …I think it will be as simple as that. I have a layout mapped out for the deck garden area and I am eager to see how this works out in reality.

garden plan

Next challenge is to find a reasonable and preferably bulk supplier of compost, vermiculite and peat moss and wait for the snow to melt. Happy Gardening!

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