Canning Food Preservation

The Biggest & Best Water Bath Canner (Amish Made)

Written by Charlotte Walker

I spend a LOT of time preserving our garden bounty. I don’t know about you but I sometimes find myself frustrated by the amount of time I spend processing food in the evenings. Don’t get me wrong  I love preserving food. I just don’t like how inefficient some of the canning equipment seems to be.  I was online one night looking for something different or better and found a tool that has made a world of difference to me.

Meet the Amish water bath canner.  This canner is not going to win any beauty contests (neither is that ugly outlet on the wall behind my stove) but I love, love, love this canner. If you have suffered through late night sweltering hot kitchen canning sessions then you will understand why this is such a cool product.  The canner holds 27 pints and 15 quarts!  It it rectangular in shape and neatly sits across two burners leaving the other burners free for sauce pans and stock pots.

In this picture: Standard sized four burner stove with the Amish canner taking two burners, a large stock pot on the third and a kettle on the fourth.

In this picture: Standard sized four burner propane stove with the Amish canner taking two burners, a large stock pot on the third and a kettle behind it on the fourth. Plenty of room, no crowding.

In comparison ~ The standard round canners in a Jumbo size hold 9 quarts and the standard size holds 7 quarts. The round canner sits on a single burner but the size and shape encroaches on a lot of  precious stove space. These canners are an essential item for the homestead kitchen and they are very useful when canning in small batches but … when preparing large batches you can’t beat having a canner that holds 27 pints!

The Amish Water Bath Canner Details: I found and purchased the Amish made water bath canner from   It is solid & built to last. It’s not cheap at $199.99 USD.  I put off buying this for a good six months while I tried to justify the cost. One day my husband said to me “order it, order it now!”  I must have complained a lot when I was canning. Regardless, I am so glad I decided to buy it.

  • Made in Ohio, USA
  • 24 gauge, 304 stainless steel
  • Can be used as a stockpot and will hold 50 quarts of fluid!
  • Comes with canning shelf
  • Dimensions are: 13″H x 20-3/4″L x 11-3/4″W

Finding this product has improved my productivity by being able to prepare more jars in less time. It has also freed up space on my stove making my indoor set up more efficient. It has save me time and I really value that. If you can large batches of food, it is worth looking at.  I have no affiliation with Lehmans, or the Amish makers of this product. This is just an exceptional product that I wanted to share with you.




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