6 Beautiful Recipes for Jams, Jellies & Syrups!

Six Lovely Jams, Jellies & Syrups: beautiful jam recipes

Capture the bright, fresh flavours of fruit & flowers and delight your palette with these six lovely recipes.  If you’d like to make your preserves shelf stable and store them, each recipe includes optional canning instructions. We hope you enjoy these treats as much as we do! They make lovely & unique gifts and wedding favours as well.

Strawberry Rose Jam

Strawberry Rose Jam is vibrant and bursting with summer flavour. This recipe takes a gentle approach to processing the fruit. It takes a little bit more time to create this jam but is worth the extra bit of time! Once you have tried this technique and whole new level of preserving jams and jellies will open up to you. Find the recipe here!

Home Canning: Strawberry Rose Jam Recipe: beautiful jam recipes

Wildflower Jelly Recipe

Wildflower jelly is a delicious way to celebrate the seasons. The possibilities and combinations that you can create are endless. We make small batches of wildflower jelly throughout each growing season, experimenting with different combinations of flavour and colour. Each batch is unique, capturing the essences of the season it was prepared in. Find the recipe here!

Home Canning: Wildflower Jelly Recipe: beautiful jam recipes

Rose Petal Jelly Recipe

This rose petal jelly is lightly floral with and bright with a hint of lemon. Serve it on fresh buttered bread or drizzle it on top of vanilla ice cream (I like to shave a few slivers of chocolate on top) . We often have fruit & yogurt smoothies and a spoonful of this jam adds a nice flavour. Find the recipe here!

beautiful jam recipes

Simple Strawberry Syrup

Capture the flavours of summer with this delicious strawberry syrup. This concentrate is ideal for making pitchers of fruity strawberry cordial. You can pour this strawberry syrup over ice cream with a few shavings of chocolate for a simple yet sensational dessert. It is also a decadent addition to summer cocktails. Find the recipe here!

Strawberry syrup recipe with canning instructions: beautiful jam recipes

Raspberry Jam with Kirsch

Raspberry jam is a tart and versatile classic that belongs in every pantry. This recipe kicks things up a notch by adding a splash of kirsch. This jam is simple and quick to prepare and you don’t need to add pectin. Find the recipe here!

Simple Techniques for Creating Artisan Jams & Jellies: beautiful jam recipes

Strawberry Mint Jam Recipe

Strawberry Mint Jam (Confiture de Fraises au Poivre Noir et à la Menthe Fraîche). This jam offers a unique and delicious pairing that will surprise and delight everyone. Who knew that a spring of mint and a sprinkle of fresh black pepper could elevate strawberry jam in such an explosive way! Find the recipe here.

strawberry mint jam: beautiful jam recipes

If you are interested in creating special artisan jams and jellies you might also be interested in reading this article: Simple Techniques for Creating Artisan Jams and Jellies. 









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