A Full Table & Happy Homestead

We wouldn’t enjoy life out on our homestead nearly as much without friends and family to share it with.

There’s nothing we love more than having a table filled with good home grown food & drink mixed with plenty of laughter.

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” ~ Rumi

A lot of people come to the homestead to escape for a while in the summer time. Our homestead is a place where you’ll find nourishment. You can rest and rejuvenate or work your frustrations out. Some people want to explore and wander the forests quietly. Others will dig into their creativity.

Of course, there’s always plenty of food, wine, and entertainment. I thrive on creating beautiful meals using the food we’ve grown and raised here. We enjoy giving people new food experiences.  You can expect wild food on your plate, and so far everyone loves it.

We appreciate these visits.  When guests settle in, they soon fall into the rhythm of our homestead, and we get to enjoy them without distraction. I am learning to share in the work as well. For a while, I struggled to assign tasks, but I’ve learned that this is part of the reason that people come here – to learn and experience the things we write about. So, come and work to your heart’s content. We’ll make you sweat (if that’s what you want).

This thoughtful custom ‘Walkerland’ sign arrived in the mail yesterday with a sweet note. It was a gift from my mother in law.

The one person that loves our homestead as much as we do is my mother in law. She shows her support in countless ways. She grew up in rural Saskatchewan, and her parents knew the homesteading life well.

Her father raised pigs and cultivated fields, and her mother kept a garden. She often tells us colorful stories about her childhood and farm life as we sip homebrewed wine and eat fresh bread. I can’t get enough of these stories. They help to validate our choice of lifestyle and connect us to the rich history of our families.

My mother in law visits a few times a year and always gets stuck into projects, working in the garden and doing all kinds of tasks that she wants to do. I’ve got to tell you; she works hard every time she comes. We’ve come to recognize that she is doing precisely what she wants to do.

She listens as we pour out our newest dreams or ideas. We can count on her to give honest feedback. She’ll send treasures our way that support these dreams. She wants us to succeed and to be happy and lets us know that in her every action. She is also the only person that I know of that reads everything we write, and that means a lot.

Thank you, Mom for all that you do. We love you.

I hope you all know that we love sharing our homestead and that’s why I write about it.

This life is our passion. We get up every morning so happy and grateful for the life we’ve built. We are re-learning lost skills and forging new paths. By sharing we offer an opportunity for others to learn from our victories and our mistakes.

Whoever knocks on our door can count on hot coffee, and something good to eat because our table always has room for one more.

Thank you for stopping by our homestead by visiting our website and sitting at our virtual hearth.  We appreciate it.

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