A Homestead Bloggers Video Fail & Chickens Free Ranging for the First Time

I love when homesteaders share videos of what they are doing, you can learn so much from seeing it in action. As a homesteader and blogger I thought to myself  “that’s a great idea, why not share some videos of what we are doing!” Well. When it comes to being on camera some people are naturals and others …are a disaster. I have discovered that I fall rather neatly into the second category. Let me show you why Walkerland does not share very many “how to” videos.


We replayed these videos right on the camera, had a good laugh and then decided to drop videos for a while. Until now that is. I rediscovered these crazy bad videos and after laughing ourselves silly, playing them over and over and over again, we decided to share my awkwardness with the world. What you just watched is pretty much me in a nutshell. Uncensored (obviously).  I am not really sure that we should have unleashed this on anyone but we have. My apologies.

Oh, and this is the final take of the video. It’s sort of neat to see the chickens experience the great outdoors for the first time in their lives. At least there are chickens in this video 🙂

One more thing on the subject of videos. I had this GREAT idea to get a GoPro camera and dog harness. I was so excited when it finally arrived. This was going to be our tool for sharing great video with you. I charged it up, got the harness strapped onto Mischa nice and tight. Mounted the camera, checked everything, went outside with her and would you believe she took off into the woods. An hour later she came home covered in mud with no harness or camera.  The camera has not been seen since but one day I am sure I will find it out there and maybe then I will venture into video again. Maybe.


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