A peek inside the greenhouse

As we wait for “not winter” to arrive, I had a moment of rebellion and decided to fight my way into the greenhouse. We bought our house in the dead of winter and with all the snow we could not access it. The snow is still knee deep and the adventure left me with a not so perfect ankle but it was totally worth it!

( I am putting snowshoes on my wish list).

As I stood inside the greenhouse taking it all in,  I was a bit awe struck.  I am eager but if I am to be honest, I am also intimidated by all of this. We will be growing a lot of food. I am expecting the garden and greenhouse to yield enough veggies to last us the year.  Thousands of tomatoes, hundreds of cucumbers, beans … you name it and I am probably going to try and grow it.


I am pleased with the greenhouse. It’s better than I hoped for. Two large doors on each end, various hatches to open and close for ventilation, work bench, deep semi raised beds, Dare I say almost perfect?

The exterior garden is nearly as large as the greenhouse with many raised beds buried beneath the snow. It’s fenced in to keep out wildlife which I have seen none of yet (other than our two wild dogs).

The greenhouse is plumbed in and set up with a decently constructed  drip irrigation system. Yes! Yes! Yes! The last two years of hauling water have me appreciating this to no end! Who ever imagined that a vision like this would be exciting to me?
We have started some of the seeds indoors, relying on a heating pad and natural sunlight.  Most have taken well. We have eight varieties of heirloom tomatoes growing. I tried Aloe but no luck yet. I even have seedlings in the fridge attempting stratification. The majority of our seeds are direct sow and all seeds are heirloom.  Our property is organic (not certified but organic principles have been adhered to)

We are really, really, ready to play in the dirt. Snow. Please melt soon. Pretty Please!

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