18th Century Bear Pit

I recently discovered photos from my trip to England that I had thought lost forever. I am sharing some of my photos from my tour of Wentworth Woodhouse Gardens in South Yorkshire England. It was built in the late 18th century.

The gardens on this site are breathtaking and boast a large maze & Japanese garden along with many unique architectural details and statues. Most surprising was the presence of a bear pit. My tour thought this pit left me feeling haunted and sad. They don’t tell you anything specific about the bear pit so when I got home I spent time digging for the story. I found this information on a historical forum.

For the full story and a photo tour of the bear pit click here.  This will take you to our gardening & homesteading post available on steemit. No hassle or advertising, the link takes you directly to our article.

18th Century Bear Pit


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