The Homesteader’s Handbook: Raising Chickens

Young Barred Rock rooster

A thoughtful and informative book about raising chickens for meat and eggs. Discover everything you need to know to successfully raise, manage and care for your flock. We cover things like breed selection, shelter, hatching chicks, keeping hens and roosters, feed and much more. Full of beautiful photographs and personal anecdotes, it’s an easy read. Sometimes funny or sad, always practical, this book is the only one you’ll need to successfully raise your own flock of healthy, happy chickens. 78 Pages.

What People are Saying

This book was a concise easy read while still providing all the pertinent information a beginner would require. I also really appreciated that it was very honest about some of the challenges. For anyone interested in raising chickens, you will not regret reading this book. ~ R.C.

A great collection of knowledge in an easy to read format. As someone who just ordered baby chicks, I found this to be enlightening and very useful. Thank you!


Before You Buy Chickens
Selecting Your Chickens
Coops, Shelters & Pasture
Baby Chicks
Feeding your Flock
Injury, Illness & Medication
Raising Birds for Meat
Additional Resources
About the Author
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