Seed Storage Box

About a month ago I decided that we needed a nice wooden box to store all of our seeds in one place. Growing food is a key part of our lifestyle and being organized is always a good thing. Nice storage is always a bonus.

I found a great DIY tutorial, we had all the materials , and I just about started the box as per the plans, but in the end I made a different box. I cheated.  I found something already built in the workshop that we had no use for. Instead of making a new box, I just re-purposed this “almost box”.  All it needed was a lid and refinishing. Everything used was scrounged up from the workshop so the box didn’t cost me anything other than a few hours of time.

My nifty seed storage box.

Had I not found a way to make use of something we already had, I would have made the box in that tutorial. I still might make a few for storing trinkets. I really like it!  You can find the instructions here!

I think their directions are really great, even for a novice like myself and I love that they provide a link to vintage seed catalog covers that you can print and decorate the box with.

I used natural milk paint in Fort York Red (with a splash of bonding agent) and hemp oil to finish it. I get my supplies at Homestead House a Canadian company. As a family that tries to be as chemical free as possible both inside and out, we use natural, non toxic paints, stains, oils whenever possible.

However you make it, if you are a seed hoarder like me, you might find a box like this handy.



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