The Farm in Pictures 2015

With a new year around the corner, and a beautiful full moon shining in the sky, I started to look back on our first year (first 3/4 year technically) and write about our experiences. But I am so far behind on writing about our activities, I figured I would let photos tell the story.

So much has happened, so many lessons have been learned.  It’s been a tremendous experience. We have ourselves a working farm!

We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our journey so far.

This photo marks our eighth month on the farm


Greenhouse, quail house and chicken coop in the background. The pigs mowed down and tilled the entire pasture (160 x 160ft, or 25,000 SQ FT)

This was what the pasture looked like before the pigs got started

Sweet little Berkshire weaners (June 15)

Fully grown, 200lb   (Nov 15)

Young Coturnix Quail

Slaughtering our pigs was sad and hard, and so it should be.

Pigs who have pasture and space will keep their sleeping quarters immaculate. Ours slept cuddled up to one another

A little ear scratch was welcomed but I learned to be very mindful of the pigs, they tested boundaries on occasion


The garden had eight varieties of tomatoes. The green striped “Zebra” tomato is my all time favorite

This was a great year for squash. We had hundreds of pounds of zucchini

A garden expansion is being planned out for spring

Sweet heirloom carrots

The pantry almost filled. About 25 recipes in all

Rosehips for Jam (a lot of work!)


Harvest was bountiful, the kitchen was a canning factory for weeks

Plenty of vertical growing

We foraged and brought home thousands of apples


This is the chicken coop built by Ryan and my Dad

Baby Welsummer Rooster – June 05

Welsummer Rooster, King of the Flock – Dec 15

Fresh eggs, still waiting on the blue eggs from the Ameraucana’s

12 HP/7.5kw, 1000rpm Lister-type Diesel generator.

12 x 4v Solar batteries (48v system.)  Made in Canada.

Outback power inverter.  NOT made in Australia.

7.5 kw of Solar Panels

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