Wentworth Gardens

The Wentworth gardens were built in the early 18th century and cover over sixteen acres. You will find many old statues, a lush hedge/maze, gorgeous old trees, flowers and plants,  and most unexpectedly, a bear pit from 1630 that was part of the architecture of the original Wentworth house and did reputedly house a live bear.

The garden centre is beautiful, with an abundance of varieties. If I lived with England I would gladly make a trip there every spring. They have little shops, crafts, gifts, sweets, garden decor plus a nice cafe. There is also a lovely farm and play area for children (that I did not visit). A full day would not be wasted here!

Alice in Wonderland-like hedge maze

Can’t help but imagine secret meetings, forbidden love

you shall not pass!

The lonely solider

the bear cave, which sadly once housed a live bear

bear cave tunnel

stairway leading to the top entrance/exit of the bear cave

upper bear cave entrance

beautiful grounds

If trees could talk, there would be a lot of stories within these rings

stone ponds and benches

Garden house perhaps for the main grounds keeper

This makes me think of Hansel and Gretel

This makes me think of Labyrinth. Which do you choose? The left path or the right path?

immaculate garden scape

Another stone pond

There is a healing in the garden. When one longs for peace or pardon, once past this gate no need to wait for God is in the garden.


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