Blue Copper Maran Rooster

I brought home fourteen chicks on June 6th, four different heritage breeds. Here are some snapshots of our blue copper Maran rooster. The Maran hens will lay dark chocolate eggs, and it is looking like the other three of this breed are hens (fingers crossed).  This rooster is a beautiful  light grey, showing no signs of copper yet. He and the other for certain rooster (a Welsummer) are now standing a head above the rest.

We haven’t had Maran’s before but I am quite impressed. They have a nice calm demeanour and cause the least amount of trouble in the hen house. When we decide to grow our flock again I expect that Maran’s will be at the top of the list.

Our boy on t he front right - just moments after being let out into the big chicken coop
Our boy on the front right – we had just put the flock into the the big chicken coop for the first time. Apologies for the blur.
Blue/Black/Splash Copper Maran- June 30th
Yes., I am beautiful.
Yes., I am beautiful
Starting to look like a Rooster – July 15th
Six weeks old - July 25th
Blue/Black/Splash Copper Maran –  July 25th (around seven weeks old)
Our young Welsummer and Maran roosters
Our young Welsummer and Maran roosters


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