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The Importance of Seed Saving & How to Select The Best Seeds

Over the past two weeks I’ve had dozens of messages asking if I can ship seeds. Spring is coming, times are feeling ominous and uncertain and there seems to be a bit of a rush to gather emergency supplies, including seeds. We are all caught in this web of uncertainty together and completely understand why we are receiving so many inquiries.

Unfortunately, No, we don’t sell seeds. I don’t have surplus to hand out. Last season I injured myself and our garden was not well tended. It was quite disappointing for us and we’ve been relying on stores to feed us quite heavily this year.

Fortunately there are many Canadian Seed Suppliers for us to choose from.

There are many places you can get seeds!

You’ll find small businesses across Canada that specialize in seeds. They’ve got you covered. This year we’ve purchased seed from a company called Annapolis Seeds. We’ve grown their seeds before and are very happy with the service, and the germination rates of their seeds.

I have a post that lists Canadian seed companies broken down by province. I recommend you support a Canadian company because our support today will ensure they’ll be there for us in years to come. If you are a Canadian seed company or know of one missing I invite you to add the company details in the comments so we call all work together to connect people with Canadian seed suppliers.

Getting Started with Seeds

Once you have your seed, if you are new to growing you’ll want a few supplies. A seed growing medium & trays at a bare minimum. A heat mat is incredibly useful and good lighting (but you can get by without them).

If you want to read up on seed starting, planning your garden we have a section called The Spring Garden Guide dedicated to growing. For many locations in Canada now is the time to get your seeds started.

We are here for you

We answer questions on a regular basis so please don’t hesitate to reach out. We certainly don’t have all the answers but I am quite certain that we know someone that can help when we lack the knowledge. We’ll do our absolute best to help!

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  1. Clara C.Sierra says:

    I am puzzled. I was under the impression i would be able to order seeds. I am at the website and for the life of me i am unable to figure out whether you do or do not sell seeds. Please correct when i am wrong. I love your website and the plentiful informative resources i find here. Grateful, Thanks

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