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Topic starter Posted : 29/06/2022 3:04 pm
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And hello.  I'm Ryan, approximately 1/2 of Walkerland. 

I've written many of the articles on the site, and am happy to answer any questions you might have about them, the lifestyle, 'getting there' .. or anything else, really.  In terms of what I might help you with ..perhaps it would help to understand my history.

Roughly fifteen years ago, my career peaked; at 30, I was an executive at a telecom company; the CEO, in fact.  I was so far ahead of the curve, the only guys doing better, at comparable ages, were the ones in the newspapers; I was never a 'unicorn ceo' and I did not earn millions upon millions; but I did quite well.  I took many meetings, bought many lunches, fielded many calls ... at one point I answered 200 emails in one twenty four hours period  (I counted, because it seemed crazy.)  For most of my career, in any room that really mattered, I was ALWAYS the youngest guy in the room. 

From my early 20's, I had a staff; the title "Manager" or "Director" was always on my card.  At the end, it all blended -- call it operations manager, sales manager, ceo .. the deal was basically this:  "if something important is going down, and it's within your realm of expertise, you're on it."  Maybe that meant writing 60 pages of an 80 page proposal, flying to Ottawa to meet with an important client or revamping an entire department.  Didn't matter.  I did it all.  I was the definition of a busy, successful, up and coming businessman .. and although I was never super splashy in terms of fancy homes or lavish vacations, I definitely enjoyed 'the life!'  I ate out daily, often more than once .. often entertaining .. often on the corporate card.  My hands were beautiful. smooth and clean; slacks, pressed and tidy.  Shoes, shined.  I wore one of 20 designer perfumes, had my hair cut twice per month and kept an oft-used bottle of single malt scotch in my desk drawer; it came out often .. at least, when I wasn't up in the company bar, or over at the local restaurant or bar .. where I was possibly known, maybe a favored client. 

It was extremely wonderful in many ways.  And yet, there was a down side; the dark side that every exec will understand.  It was high stakes, high stress, full of difficult personalities, and impossible to shut off for any period of time.  After a time, it became too much.  I needed something simpler, with less variables.  But boy, for awhile, in retrospect, what a luxurious ride.

Today, I live a TOTALLY different lifestyle.

I don't know the meaning of an alarm clock; my average number of phone calls/emails per day is zero. I don't  have a cell phone and I don't even know why I know what a "DM" is, because I have never sent one.  I have no employees, no deadlines, and haven't used a credit card in years.  I have not sent a text message in six or eight years; dropped facebook and all that around the same time.

My hands, once soft and smooth .. are rougher now, often covered in dirt, mud, or other less glamorous materials.  Previously used to flitting over keys and "calling someone to deal with it", my digits have shed some of the sleekness; they are no longer the hands of a piano player.  No.  They are the hands of one who rolls around in the dirt; one who builds things.  One who is in the woods, in the gardens ; under the truck, on a ladder, over the shed.  They swing an axe, a hammer, a pick.  They reach into dirty pools of water; they tear rocks from the earth.

My slacks today, once finely pressed, are torn jeans .. many of which have obviously seen pretty hard use!  My shoes are .. either ripped up ten year old runners, some leaky plastic things that are even older, some tore up sandals .. and a beautiful pair of work boots that I never wear, because they take too long to lace up.  Funnily enough, my gardening clothing, in contrast to my shoes, is quite high end.. as it's often the same stuff I used to wear, all those year ago, in the board room!  Jones, New York shirts, are surprisingly durable for field use!  French cuffs flow quite gracefully in the wind, unrestrained by cuff links.

I eat one large meal per day, now; restaurants, perhaps 10 meals in ten years?  Maybe?

I can't even tell you the last time I had a real haircut .. it has been years.  My wife cuts it just fine, if the look you're going for is murderous viking.  I actually quite like the look.  As society comes apart at the seams .. a mean looking haircut could pay dividends.  Do you really want to mess with someone whose hair looks like its been cut with a Bowie knife?

All that writing .. to say .. if you are heavily invested in the business world .. in modern life .. and you want to make a change to a simpler life, I'd say I'm a pretty good guy to ask about it.  I understand the realities, the perspectives .. what it is, to go from one who is fully "in the world", to one who is living a more natural, remote, self-sustaining, independent life.  I can help you "make the jump", perhaps .. maybe reduce some of the pain. 

If, after reading the above, you feel there is something I can help you with: please ask.  Your questions are more than welcome, and I'd be sincerely pleased to help you with anything I can.  And if not .. if this is where it ends for us .. Safe travels, my friend; thanks for reading my words, and good luck out there.


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