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Raging at Donkeys

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Everything has a nature.  If you understand the nature of something, it will rarely surprise you.

For example, donkeys tend to be stubborn.  If you are going to interact with a donkey, expect it to be stubborn.  When it IS stubborn, don't get frustrated, for nothing else should be expected.  Don't ever lament the stubbornness of donkeys, for they ARE stubborn, and YOU are the problem, in expecting anything different.  Much grief is created due to our unwillingness to factor in the "nature of things" .. of people, particularly.

So take my advice.  Stop raging at donkeys. 

But also ... understand that our understanding of everything is flawed; you (we!) will almost certainly never understand the TRUE nature of literally ANYTHING!  Correspondingly, under this philosophy, at some point, we WILL miss an opportunity to successfully rage at a donkey!  However, you should LET THAT ONE GO.  He's different from his peers, so almost CERTAINLY ostracized. The last thing he needs is your bullshit.

P.S.  IF YOU ARE A FROG AND A SCORPION EVER SAYS "TAKE ME ACROSS THE RIVER, I WON'T STING YOU", remember the donkey story!  But hopefully your donkey will just stomp the scorpion, of its own volition!!

Topic starter Posted : 17/07/2022 9:25 am
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