Dried Rose Petals Packaged With Love (Recipes Included)

Dried Rose Petals Packaged With Love (Recipes Included)

Roses are a treasured part of our herbal apothecary and we let them grow wild and free on our homestead.

Not just an ornamental, the rose is an important ingredient used in many of the products that we make including natural remedies, skincare and culinary preparations.

I am making a special trip to town to deliver a package to the post office. I’ve been busy packaging up an order for whole dried rose petals.  We sell products on-line through our  Homesteader’s Co-op on-line store.  I’ve added some bonuses to the package: two extra cups of dried rose petals and a a special blend of rose mint tea.

Post office fees and size restrictions can cramp my style with how I package items but I still find room to tuck  little surprises into parcels whenever I can. Grinding up a fresh batch of tea in the mortar and pestle was a perfect way to start the day and I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

We put a lot of work into all of our products (plus buckets of LOVE). I feel pretty honoured when someone shops at our store as it helps to validate what I am trying to achieve. The items we sell are a culmination of everything we stand for. We bottle up our passion for nature and in essence, we are sending a little piece of our homestead inside of every parcel –  all wrapped up in a pretty package.


Dried Rose Petals Packaged With Love (Recipes Included)

More Rose Products Coming This Fall!

We won’t be selling anymore rose products until later in the summer when we replenish our stock. If you’d like me to let you know when we replenish our inventory please free to message me and I’ll send you an update. We will be selling some of our most popular tea blends along with some other very special rose products.

Dried Rose Petals Packaged With Love (Recipes Included)

Purple Pavement ‘Rotesmeer’

Homestead Roses: A selection of beautiful, versatile roses.

We grow Rosa Rugosa hybrids on our homestead: Snow Pavement (‘Schneekoppe’) & Purple Pavement (‘Rotesmeer’).

Both are resilient and hardy roses with abundant beautiful fragrant petals and large rose hips. They thrive on our land and we are able to grow them without the use of any chemicals.  In fact, as a hard rule, we  use no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers on our homestead.

These rose  varieties are repeat bloomers and very disease resistant. In fact the only issue I’ve really had is a late frost biting the first set of blossoms last year.  They make a lovely hedge and produce gorgeous big rose hips in the fall. We’ve started propagating the suckers and cuttings so that we can deliver more products and we will also be selling plants locally.  Exciting!!

Recipes and Inspiration

If you are interested in learning more about the many uses for rose petals from jams, jellies, syrups and extracts, you might enjoy reading some of the posts we’ve written about roses. Just looking at this photo of roses and strawberries has me excited for summer!

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Dried Rose Petals Packaged With Love (Recipes Included)

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Customer Reviews

We are so grateful when customers take the time to let us know what they think about our products. It means a lot and a few reviews that we’ve had, went above and beyond anything we’d ever expected.

Package Opening with Bonus Surprise! My First Order From Homesteaders Coop – Lavender Sachet From Walkerland

My First Homesteaderscoop Marketplace Purchase! A Five Star Review!

Dried Rose Petals Packaged With Love (Recipes Included)

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