Eight Homesteading Blogs that Will Inspire You

Eight Homesteading Blogs that Will Inspire You

We are living in a surreal world where celebrities and politicians fill up the daily news headlines with mindless scandal and fabrication. For those of us that see past these distractions, there are real world concerns about food insecurity, unemployment, healthcare and quality of life to focus on.  We live in uncertain times and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep feeding the endlessly hungry modern life machine. Homesteading is empowering those of us that are seeking an alternative lifestyle that releases us from the burden that modern living has become.

Our stories are all unique but we share a common goal of living a simpler life. When looking for solutions to real world problems, homesteading blogs provide a wealth of information to help you along the way.  We share our hard earned knowledge to build community, empower people and support one another in our quest to ensure that our families are healthy and secure in these changing time. Here are eight blogs that I love following.

Eight Homesteading Blogs to Inspire You

A Farmish Kind of Life

Quirky, fun and deeply informative, this site offers a broad range of resources for homesteaders. Whether you are looking to tackle difficult homesteading tasks such as butchering a pig at home or traditional kitchen skills such as how to bake the perfect loaf of Honey Wheat Bread, A Farmish Kind of Life has it covered. You might also enjoy their new video instalments “Ask a Farmish Girl“; it’s both entertaining and informative.

Northern Homestead

Looking to learn more about growing food? Northern Homestead is a tremendously helpful gardening resource. They  are experienced gardeners and provide in depth information on every topic they cover.   Learn about overwintering vegetables for a spring crop, building your own geodome greenhouse,  growing food in winter and so much more. Although focused on colder climates and winter gardening, you will find many resources that are suitable to any climate.

Hapless Smallholder

If you enjoy a candid and entertaining read, you will want to check out Hapless Smallholder. Their blog covers the daily trials and tribulations of raising animals, growing food and other country life scenarios. It’s a well written, highly entertaining blog and I can often commiserate with what they write about. Check out this great little article on shelter for broody hens.

Accidental Hippies

I’ve become quite obsessed with following the progress of this homestead family who is building their own cordwood home from scratch. Discover great tips on buying suitable land, frugal living and everything related to cordwood masonry.  They have a great guide on how to use glass bottles in walls  and you can follow their entire construction from start to finish (well almost finish, they are getting closer every day).

Spiraea Herbs + Snail Trails Homestead

Learn about herbalism, wild food, foraging, gardening, homesteading and more. You will find tutorials on how to harvest and use wild food, herbal first aid and how to plant herbs in your garden. Discover articles like How We’re Dealing with the Drought and Hardy Perennial Medicinal Herbs for Your Garden.

Pantry Paratus

When it comes to homestead kitchens you won’t find a better source for information, tools and supplies.  They provide an informative blog with recipes and tutorials. Over at their on-line store they put a strong emphasis on quality products and attentive service. They really focus on helping customers get the most out of every product that they sell.

Marble Mount Homestead

We discovered the wonders of using a broadfork  from the folks over at Marble Mount Homestead. They’ve got beautiful, enviable gardens. They teach artisan cheese making, homesteading skills, goat husbandry, organic gardening, bow making, wilderness skills, and so much more – both on their homestead and online. Their blog is packed with great stories and tutorials and recipes such as How to make pickled beets with honey.

 Homestead Bloggers Network (HBN)

A wonderful community of over 300 passionate bloggers contribute content to the Homestead Bloggers Network..  Discover a wealth of articles that cover everything from  gardening, animals, cooking to frugality and sustainability. HBN provides a  list of members, giving you an easy way to access their website should you want to seek out more content written by them.  Walkerland is a proud member of the HBN community!

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