Free Homesteading e-Books

Free homesteading e-books

Walkerland has compiled a collection of  books for you to browse at your leisure. These are simple PDF’s, and there is no cost to access them. These old collections cover a wide range of topics; gardening, farming, natural health, crafts, recipes, woodworking and even home brewing.

As homesteaders, we are always looking for new or different ways to approach our daily tasks. As we seek healthier and simpler approaches, it seems that going back to our roots and learning how others before us managed these tasks, often helps us move forward in truly effective “old-new” ways.

There is a wealth of information buried in dusty old volumes and digitizing them so they can be shared and enjoyed around the world is a tremendous way to honor the authors that penned these volumes so many years ago. Some of these volumes would otherwise be lost. I appreciate the time and effort that groups such as Project Gutenberg have put into making these public domain books available to us. They have thousands of books available for reading on their site on countless subjects.

You can download any and all of the books on my list free of charge, click on the book title to access the PDF.

Free Gardening e-Books

Garden Design and Architects’ Gardens by W. Robinson

A New Orchard And Garden by Harward and Lawson

Wood and Garden: Notes and thoughts, practical and critical, of a working

Organic Gardener’s Composting by Steve Solomon

The Amateur Garden by George Washington Cable

Old-Time Gardens, Newly Set Forth by Alice Morse Earle

Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway by Steve Solomon

Garden-Craft Old and New by John Dando Sedding

Garden Ornaments by Mary Harrod Northend

Your Plants by James Sheehan

Making a Garden of Perennials by W. C. Egan

The Field and Garden Vegetables of America by Fearing Burr

The English Husbandman by Gervase Markham

Sylva; Or, A Discourse of Forest Trees. Vol. 1 (of 2) by John Evelyn

Mushrooms: how to grow them by William Falconer

Free Wild Foods e-Books

Among the Mushrooms: A Guide For Beginners by Burgin and Dallas

Our Edible Toadstools and Mushrooms and How to Distinguish Them by Gibson

Student’s Hand-book of Mushrooms of America, Edible and Poisonous by Thomas Taylor

Free Farming e-Books

Dry-Farming : A System of Agriculture for Countries under a Low Rainfall by Widtsoe

The First Book of Farming by C. L. Goodrich

Our Farm of Four Acres and the Money we Made by it by Miss Coulton

Gardening Without Irrigation_ or without m – Steve Solomon

Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 12, March 22, 1884 by Various

Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 3, January 19, 1884. by Various

Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 4, January 26, 1884 by Various

The Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56, No. 2, January 12, 1884 by Various

Garden and Forest Weekly, Volume 1 No. 1, February 29, 1888 by Various

The Mayflower, January, 1905 by Various

Free Natural Health / Botany e-Books

Culinary Herbs: Their Cultivation Harvesting Curing and Uses by M. G. Kains

The Complete Herbal by Nicholas Culpeper

Apis Mellifica; or, The Poison of the Honey-Bee, Considered as a Therapeutic

Allopathy and Homoeopathy Before the Judgment of Common Sense! by Frederick Hiller

Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure by William Thomas Fernie

Herbals, Their Origin and Evolution by Agnes Arber

New, Old, and Forgotten Remedies: Papers by Many Writers by Edward Pollock Anshutz

The Old English Herbals by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde

Mother’s Remedies _ Over One Thousand Trie – Thomas Jefferson Ritter

Free Crafting e-Books

Soap-Making Manual by Edgar George Thomssen

The Handbook of Soap Manufacture by H. A. Appleton and W. H. Simmons

Things To Make by Archibald Williams

The Ladies’ Work-Book by Unknown

Vegetable Dyes: Being a Book of Recipes and Other Information Useful to the Dyer

Art in Needlework: A Book about Embroidery by Mary Buckle and Lewis F. Day

Corticelli Home Needlework 1898 by Nonotuck Silk Company

Encyclopedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont

My Knitting Book by Miss Lambert

Hand-Loom Weaving: A Manual for School and Home by Mattie Phipps Todd

Free Animal Husbandry e-Books

Outlines of dairy bacteriology by E. G. Hastings and H. L. Russell

Hints on Dairying by T. D. Curtis

The American Reformed Cattle Doctor by George H. Dadd

The Pig: Breeding, Rearing, and Marketing by Sanders Spencer

Sheep, Swine, and Poultry by Robert Jennings

The Dollar Hen by Milo Hastings

Free Carpentry e-Books

Handwork in Wood by William Noyes

Wood-Block Printing by F. Morley Fletcher

A Course In Wood Turning by Archie Seldon Milton and Otto K. Wohlers

Wood-Carving: Design and Workmanship by George Jack

Mission Furniture: How to Make It, Part 1 by H. H. Windsor

Mission Furniture: How to Make It, Part 3 by H. H. Windsor

Carpentry for Boys by James Slough Zerbe

Woodwork Joints: How they are Set Out, How Made and Where Used. by William Fairham

Free Recipe e-Books

Science in the Kitchen by E. E. Kellogg

Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners: A Book of Recipes by Elizabeth O. Hiller

The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887) by F. L. Gillette and Hugo Ziemann

Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes and Home Made Candy Recipes by Hill and Parloa

The Cook and Housekeeper’s Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System

No Animal Food by Rupert H. Wheldon

The Italian Cook Book by Maria Gentile

Things Mother Used to Make by Lydia Maria Gurney

The Candy Maker’s Guide by Fletcher Manufacturing Company

Mary at the Farm and Book of Recipes Compiled during Her Visit by Thomas

A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband with Bettina’s Best Recipes by LeCron et al.

The American Housewife by Anonymous

Dr. Allinson’s cookery book by T. R. Allinson

California Mexican-Spanish Cook Book: Selected Mexican and Spanish Recipes

The Laurel Health Cookery by Evora Bucknum Perkins

Practical Italian Recipes for American Kitchens by Julia Lovejoy Cuniberti

The Sure to Rise Cookery Book by T. J. Edmonds

Cakes & Ale by Edward Spencer

The Bacillus of Long Life by Loudon M. Douglas

Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery

Making Fermented Pickles by Edwin Lefevre

Free Brewing & Beverage e-Books

A Treatise on the Brewing of Beer by E. Hughes

The London and Country Brewer by Anonymous

The American Practical Brewer and Tanner by Joseph Coppinger

Alcoholic Fermentation by Arthur Harden

The Cyder-Maker’s Instructor, Sweet-Maker’s Assistant, and Victualler’s

Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines by Henry Vizetelly

Dishes & Beverages of the Old South by Martha McCulloch-Williams

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