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free raising chickens ebooks

Raising chickens is a big commitment. You need shelter, feed, water, fresh bedding and room for them to roam around. Laying hens can be expected to live anywhere from five to twenty years but hey will only lay eggs for a portion of their lifetime. Will you retire the hens to pasture or put them in the soup pot? There’s a lot to consider before you commit to raising chickens.

We think that raising chickens is  a worthwhile endeavour. Nothing beats farm fresh eggs and the quirky antics of chickens. It teaches youngsters about where food comes from and to value it and chickens can provide a family with food security during hard times.  We also believe that being prepared is a smart decision because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Being a few steps ahead of those little chicks as they rapidly morph into into gangly teenage punks,  bossy hens and roosterish roosters will save you a LOT of time and unpleasantness down the road.

Free eBooks: 8 Ways to Preserve & Store Eggs & 16 Ways to Feed Your Chickens

To arm you with candid and honest information about all stages of raising chickens we’ve written a full 107 page e-book. If you aren’t ready for the book or just want a sampling of the type of information the books offers we have also put together Two FREE ebooks.

8 Ways to Preserve & Store Eggs

Chickens don’t lay eggs every day. In fact it can be feast of famine when it comes to egg production in the hen house. Learn to take advantage of periods of abundance by preserving your extra eggs to see you through leaner times.

16 Ways to Feed Your Chickens

Chickens need variety in their diet (just like we do). Discover a wide variety of ways to feed your chickens that will keep them healthy, happy and producing delicious eggs for your family!

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So, what are you waiting for? The ‘8 Tips for Preserving & Storing Eggs’ eBook and the ’15 Ways to Feed Your Chickens’ ebooks are completely free.  Oh and if you are already on the walkerland email list don’t worry – you wont get duplicate emails.

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You can also read 8+ Ways To Preserve & Store Eggs on steemit without signing up! Read it here.

Full eBook: The Homesteader’s Handbook: Raising Chickens

Free raising chickens ebooks Two FREE guides or a full ebook to get you started with your own flock!

If you want the ultimate guide on raising chickens “The Homesteader’s Handbook: Raising Chickens” is for you.  It’s filled with  everything you need to know to successfully raise, manage and care for your flock. We cover things like breed selection, shelter, hatching chicks, keeping hens and roosters, feed and much more. Full of beautiful photographs and personal anecdotes, it’s an easy read. Sometimes funny or sad, always practical, this book is the only one you’ll need to successfully raise your own flock of healthy, happy chickens.

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Available on Amazon in the US, Canada, UK!   Find it here!

What people are saying about the eBooks

This book is an excellent summary of the practicalities of raising chickens. It’s helping me to make the decision on whether I will raise them or not – and for meat and/or eggs.


A great collection of knowledge in an easy to read format. As someone who just ordered baby chicks, I found this to be enlightening and very useful. Thank you!


Very clearly written. Great advice and easy to understand. For first time chicken raisers it’s perfect.

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      You can ask a local seamstress to make one if you don’t sew. If you are in any on-line chicken groups you can also ask there, there’s likely to be several people who make them there. There are plenty of patterns on-line if you do sew. You can also look on ETSY, I’ve seen them for sale there. I’ve got directions for an easy to make no sew version here:

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