Making Rose Petal Jam & Jelly (Recipes & Canning Guide)

Making Rose Petal Jam & Jelly (With Canning Instructions)

Often seen as beautiful, fragrant & merely ornamental, rose petals are overlooked when it comes to culinary use in the modern day kitchen.

If you look to the past however, roses were a much sought after ingredient in most kitchen and home apothecaries. It was once common place to find rose waters, extracts, syrups & tonics tucked away on pantry shelves.

I spend quite a bit of time creating beautiful culinary creations using both rose hips and rose petals. In this post you’ll find two recipes: one for jam and the other jelly both which utilize rose petals. These are two of our favorite pantry staples and they make beautiful gifts. If you have never made jam, rest assured it is a simple process and we’ve prepared a friendly beginner jam makers guide to get you started!

Rose Petal Jelly

Slightly floral and bright with lemon we love this jelly on hot buttered crumpets or scones. It is also quite lovely swirled over vanilla ice cream.

Get the recipe: Rose Petal Jelly Recipe.

Slightly floral and bright with lemon.

Strawberry Rose Petal Jam

This is my favorite jam. It is bright and tastes like summer in a jar. It also keeps its color and texture well and stores in the pantry for the winter quite beautifully. This is a great flavor combination for farm stands and farmers markets as well. Canning instructions are included.

Get the recipe: Strawberry Rose Petal Jam

Home Canning: Strawberry Rose Jam Recipe
Strawberry Rose Jam

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