An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving at Walkerland

Today we shared a meal grown entirely on our own land. It was ours right down the the fats, the herbs and the wine!

We’ve had three summers on this homestead. In that time we’ve immersed ourselves in learning: growing food, crafting wines, fermenting, foraging, animal husbandry and all the in-betweens. Our thanksgiving meal this year is culmination of that work.

There is a certain reverence in preparing food you’ve grown yourself. In the context of thanksgiving, the food takes on greater meaning for us.  From planting the seeds to harvesting the fruit, we were involved at every stage.  Excepting salt, pepper and sugar, nothing on the table came from an external source.  It all came from here.

Over a bottle of apple champagne, we shared memories of the past, appreciation for the present, and ideas for the future.  We reflected on the years work, and the resultant bounty that lay before us.

Happy Thanksgiving from our homestead to yours.


2 thoughts on “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

  1. Stef says:

    Simply breathtaking, Charlotte. I am in awe of what you have accomplished and so proud of you. Happy Thanksgiving with much love.

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