Raising Chickens: Bonus Book Content

Welcome. and thank you for purchasing The Homesteader’s Handbook: Raising Chickens. We hope that you have decided to proceed with raising your own flock. There really is nothing better than fresh eggs and free entertainment. Chickens come loaded with personality.

Be sure to get yourself a great egg gathering basket or even an apron. I have some egg gathering aprons pinned on Pinterest for inspiration. More than once I have found eggs in my pocket when I have reached in to grab my wallet.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. You can leave a comment on this post, or email us at: canadianhomesteading@gmail.com

Lastly, if the book was helpful to you and you benefited from reading it, please consider taking a minute or two to leave a review on Amazon. We would sincerely appreciate it.

Must Watch Chicken Video

This incredible video is well worth watching. It offers a wonderful insight into the private life of chickens. I have never seen a video quite so effective at educating a person on what and why chickens behave the way they do.

Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of our flock, coop and run. Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words.

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