Steamy Coffee

A lazy, luxurious smile forms.  Your pulse quickens.  You’re quietly excited.

You flush slightly.  Your body responds to what it knows will soon follow.  Only a very few things can compete with these moments, the small bit of time between almost having something you want, and then having it.

Careful, patient hands fall on silky whiteness.  They caress the uneven contours, expertly finding their way amongst the hills and valleys.  What treats lie within!  The temptation is to move quickly.  Age and wisdom have taught you to linger. You breathe in.  You exhale.  Hands swirl and then, there they are, exposed: sumptuous, decadent.

You handle them carefully, scooping them, moving them from here to there.  You enjoy this part very much.  The fall all over the place, happily tumbling .. yet, you keep them where they need to be.

The sounds increase; things are really moving.  It’s happening now.  You can feel it.  Can you ever feel it.  Up, and down, and up, and down.  Then, in circles, grinding carefully with just the right pressure, at just the right speed.  First slow, then fast .. then back to slow.  And back again.  And again.
And again.

You see steam in the air.  It’s time.  You slow down, and breathe.  Everything narrows briefly, and then explodes.  Rushing, frothing water.  Release.  And then, a feeling.  A flavour.  A smell.  A warmth that permeates you in ways you did not know were possible.

Enjoy your coffee.

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