Stop Slouching. Stretch.

A friend of mine, Dr. Robert J. Labelle, or “Bones”, as he’s known on the street, treats musculo-skeletal problems of all kinds. Rob is the founder of the Center for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation,or CCSR, in Calgary, Alberta. I think of him as an advanced chiropractor. He is able to look at how a person stands, and walks, and more or less diagnose problems in their muscles, tendons and other musculo-skeletal type bits.

One time, for example, I had a badly sprained ankle. Limping along, Rob took only the briefest look at me and said “You’ve got a sprained ankle, eh?” I nodded, impressed. “Was it the tensor bandage?” I asked. “No, it was the limp!!”

Bones was kind enough to share two pieces of advice with me that, taken together, will significantly reduce, if not eliminate all kinds of age-related problems (stiff joints, lack of maneuverability, general lameness, etc.) Rob’s words were along the lines of “if people ever listen to these two pieces of advice my business will plummet.” So listen up, this is the real deal.

Tip #1: Sit up straight!

Basically it’s that simple. When you sit up straight (with a rigid lower back), you eliminate all kinds of posture related problems. Your chest and shoulders align. You breathe better. Many good things happen. All you have to remember is to sit straight – everything else takes care of itself.

Tip #2: Stretch for two minutes every day! 

Maintaining mobility is key. Don’t be lazy, either. Toes, feet, ankles, knees, back, shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers – stretch everything. You will quickly notice that you feel more athletic, supple, and healthy. Living an active lifestyle is NOT a substitute for this stretching. You must stretch everything through its full range of motion, daily, for best benefits. Speaking for myself, if I stop doing this for a few days, I can feel certain stiffnesses start to creep back; I notice.

That’s it. Sit up straight and stretch every day. How easy is that?

If you live in Calgary and have bone or joint problems, look this guy up. I’ve known him since the 80’s and he is the real deal. We are also willing to offer readers of Walkerland a ten percent discount on all services. When you arrive for your appointment, just tell Dr. Labelle “Walkerland sent me and said you’d give me ten percent off.” If he has any problems, just refer him to this website and quote the CCSR-10 promotion. Don’t take no for an answer. This is an official promotion, fully authorized by Walkerland.


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