Summers Last Hurrah

This week we have spent as much time as possible outside, appreciating the last of the sunny afternoons. The crickets are back, singing loudly in the now cool evenings. The garden is starting to thin, the leaves are starting to change color. Autumn is peeking in the say hello.

We picked the last of the tomatoes today. I made a pan of roast tomatoes and the rest are going quickly. Fried green tomatoes, fresh tomato salad with basil, and soup. These won’t last the week. The peppers taste very bitter this year so I am thinking of pickling them.


The cucumbers, that we have been devouring this year are slowing, and most of the leaves have dried up. We have about eight more cucumbers to enjoy.


I still have more kale than I know what to do with. We have been eating from this batch all summer and it still looks as though not a leaf has been picked. It is time to get serious about what to do with the remaining pile!


On Monday we stopped into Goodwill during our supply run in town. We found a few more little treasures including this vintage enameled bowl for $1.50. It has a plastic lid for storage. I found one similar listed on Ebay for $25.00

photo 1

I also found this colorful, multi texture and pattern floor length dress for my photography trunk $3.00, new with tags. There is a heck of a lot of fabric in this piece and it is floor length on me.

photo 22

Lastly I picked up this eternally useful glass canister with orange and green patterns for $1.50. Made in France and already holding dog cookies.

photo 2

Before we headed into town we noticed that Mischa was going nuts (more than usual).  We opened the door and discovered that our house was in the center of a bird convention.  Hundreds of little black birds singing, swooping around the entire property.


I tried to get some photos but found it impossible to get close enough with my camera, my zoom lens is just not cut out for zooming in on things.


Acorns are noisily and steadily hitting the ground (and my head) as the birds rustle in the tree tops. Fat chipmunks and squirrels are pushing around each other and the birds, scooping up whatever they can. It is a feast day for small critters.


Mischa on the other hand is a sad, sad puppy today. She is miserable about the situation and very unhappy about having to stay inside while birds take over HER yard.


Molly could care less about the birds and couldn’t catch one unless it was smeared in honey and peanut butter and maimed (even then, she would probably just lick it clean).


I decided to make Croquembouche (Ryan convinced me) and visually, it was a special kind of disaster. So many things just went completely wrong with this one. It tasted alright though. I am not sure what it is but for me, baking never seems like time well spent and I always feel guilty about serving sugar/flour/fatty food to people.


I also bought some crochet hooks and a ball of wool this week.  I found a vintage 50’s poncho pattern on Etsy that started this whole thing.

This afghan pattern has such mastery. Peacocks, have you ever even seen such a thing? Precision requirement & skill level = I need to leave this one alone and keep dreaming.


and I want this cape badly! I am going to buy this pattern today!


I also like this shorter “red riding hood” style of crochet hooded cape.


Now to just figure out how to actually crochet. I have the basic tools.  Youtube videos, a ball of wool and some crochet hooks!


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