The Heirloom Seed Guide: Get Ready To Grow!

The Importance of Seed Saving & How to Select The Best Seeds

Seeds are quite remarkable aren’t they? Such a tiny speck of life can grow into a massive plant, producing bountiful food.

This is our Ten part heirloom seed guide covering  all things related to seeds. In this series we cover everything from the importance of seeds, how to save seeds, how to start seeds, correct storage and so much more!

Seed Saving & How to Select The Best Seeds

This post talks about the different types of seeds and why seed saving and plant diversity is so essential. We’ll explain the difference between heirloom and hybrid seeds and will cover why it’s so important to be discerning with the seeds that you buy. Read it here!

SEEDING FEAR | Documentary Short

I would like to share this video with you that demonstrates the true nature of “Big Agriculture” and why doing your part to preserve and share heirloom seeds is so vital. This documentary is well worth watching! Read it here!

Determining and Using Plant Hardiness Zones

Today we are going to talk about determining your hardiness zone and why you need to know this before purchasing seeds and plants for your garden. Read it here!

When To Start Your Seeds

In this post we talk about how to calculate the dates for when you should plant your seeds, and the difference between direct sowing and starting seeds indoors. We also cover a bit about using garden planners. Read it here!

Seed Starting

You can save a lot of money and access a much wider range of vegetables by starting your own seeds. This guide will help you get started! Read it here!

Sprouting Seeds, Grains & Beans

Raw sprouted seeds are more nutritionally dense than full grown vegetables. They are simple to make and you don’t need a garden to grow them. Read it here!

Seed Stratification

Some seeds need to be tricked into thinking they have gone through a winter season before they will germinate. This post takes you through the process of cold stratifying seeds. Read it here!

Seed Saving Exchanges & Groups

This post covers seed seed exchanges and banks, how you can get involved and where to find local resources. Spring is the perfect time to get involved and gain access to FREE local seeds in your community. Read it here!

Beginners Guide To Saving Seeds

This post will cover the easiest seeds to start saving and how to collect, dry and properly store them. Read it here!

Canadian Heirloom Seed Suppliers

This is our growing catalogue of Canadian heirloom seeds houses in Canada. It’s conveniently organized by province. If you know of a seed supplier that we’ve missed please get in touch! Read it here.

We are so passionate about heirloom seeds and work hard to spread the word! Please feel free to share this post with others that you think can benefit! Happy Gardening!

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