The Homestead

We are getting closer to our dream of building a self sufficient homestead.  In fact we are 5 and 3/4 days, 1286 KM away from starting the journey to our new 27 acre home in New Brunswick, Canada. It’s time to get the road trip playlist queued up!

A few months ago, we were not decided on we were headed. We hadn’t quite decided which continent we wanted to live on either (Our search overseas is an interesting story that I will share – it’s still something that interests us). I was starting to get uncomfortable that things weren’t coming together as planned, and quickly learned my lesson again that there is no point in sweating it too much. Things will come together one way or another.  You just just have to keep moving forward. Keep making progress.

One day it really did all fall into place and it was like a domino effect. When we laid eyes on this property, it was an energizing “ah this is it” moment.  Just before Christmas we flew to NB, rented a car, and took a road trip. As we drove up to the house, I think we had both already decided.



The moon and the stars have graciously aligned for us, and I am so grateful. Absolutely everything has fallen into place. The house sold, quick closing date and we roll out of Ontario in less than a week.

Not all is perfect. Watching the weather and seeing all of that snow …I am wondering what we are getting ourselves into. I think we are going to need a really big tractor!

AND most tragic of all things … Explornet is in our immediate future. There are two plans available, one is absolutely terrible and the other is not bad. We wont know until install day so fingers crossed on that. Goodbye unlimited broadband (Sniff)

So here we are. The countdown has started. Soon,there will be chickens, an apiary, a cow, goat … and of course, a horse (or two) Finally. I get my horse. We have to build some structures first, and get to know the property.


There is a lot of work ahead of us, and I know this lifestyle will not be without it’s challenges. I know the realities are not all sunshine and roses – I know I have a tendency to paint it that way. We are certain however that our choice fits us. I am both nervous and insanely excited about learning to care for a wide range of animals. The sweet satisfaction of knowing what has gone into creating the food that is on our plate. Building a healthy ecosystem around us. That is what this is all about for us. We are so close now.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~Leonardo da Vinci


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  1. ufn says:

    Good luck with your new place! But I wonder why this post is tagged South America, Uruguay…well, you can have your place here also, but it won’t snow. This people are building their place

    • walkerland says:

      Ah, I will remove that tag, originally I wrote about why we chose to not to to Uruguay which had been our plan for the last two years. I decided I would write all about Uruguay in another post. We still love the idea of South America and have not given up on doing that eventually. Thank you for sharing the link, I will follow that blog!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is just so exciting! And you thought parenthood was an experience. Just wait till you are 24/7/12 with a goat!.. lol can’t wait to have you as Province Mates. 🙂

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