This Week In Pictures

A week in pictures from our little farm in New Brunswick.

The good life ~ Second week on the pasture.
The newest addition to the farm ~ eight Coturnix Quail.
Watching “pig TV” from the balcony. while contemplating goats. Should we? Maybe. Probably.
All feathered out and looking very much like a rooster.
The pig shelter ~  and of course they sleep underneath it.
The super coop and hay/feed storage shed. Three new buildings and fencing since June
Greenhouse is starting to produce. The greenhouse is weeks ahead of the outside garden.
The homestead.
Happy little chap. The littlest Berkshire is the most rambunctious of the bunch.
The snouts, the oinks and snorts and squeals ~ pigs are enchanting!
Mischa and Molly enjoying “pig TV”.
5 varieties of cucumbers, 40 plants!
One of our Ameraucanas at an awkward development stage.

My guess is … rooster. Out of thirteen I think we might have six hens.

0 thoughts on “This Week In Pictures

  1. Merry Hearts Medicine says:

    What a nice place you have! If you get a goat, you should also get really strong, tall fencing. In my experience, goats only like to eat what you really don’t want them to touch, and they will go to any lengths to reach their desires. 🙂 Great photos.

    • walkerland says:

      Thanks! I appreciate your suggestions! We certainly don’t want them getting into the garden! We have 4ft metal agricultural fencing – pretty strong and run from the inside of the posts so it animals push on it it will hold (or so we hope). We have electric fencing as well that is working well with the pigs. I have a lot to read about goats before we take the plunge!

      • Merry Hearts Medicine says:

        Sounds like you are well-prepared! I was just remembering how our two goats had 11 acres of woodland and fields to wander, but they continually broke through our fence to eat my mother’s bushes and flowers! ha

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