When a Minor Language Gaffe is Front Page News…

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I read a CBC article today and had to write a short post about it. The article is titled:  ‘Sexist’ banquet joke riles researchers at Arctic science conference in Winnipeg.

There was an awards dinner of sorts, and one of the speakers told a joke about something that had happened to a francophone co-worker.  The co-worker had at one point intended to say “I surveyed the vegetarians regarding the meal” but instead said “I sampled the vegetarians”, implying he had sex with the vegetarians.  I can easily see how this could happen, as could anyone else who is bi-lingual or better.  Second languages can play tricks on you.  No question.

In any case, the CBC article recounts how this anecdote was told at this awards dinner, and some people were offended – so much so, they took the time to collect signatures and write an open letter.  The letter consists of mostly academics, people with letters behind their names that imply they should know better.

I remember being eight or ten, in Calgary Alberta.  My grandmother was going to treat us to dinner, and said “We’ll go anywhere Ryan wants to go.”  My grandfather groaned, as he knew it would probably involve a drive across the entire city.  I knew where I wanted to go right away: a burger place called Fuddruckers.  They served bare burgers and set you loose on a whole assortment of toppings.  Boring today, but unique at the time (the 80’s.)

Anyways, excited little me belts out “I want to go to Fuddruckers!”  Except I didn’t say Fuddruckers.  I said Rudfuckers, with emphasis on the second half of the word, and in the loudest, happiest, nine year old voice I could muster.

Let’s go to RudFUCKERS!!!

The car (we were in a car at the time) went completely silent.  My grandmother turned from the passenger seat with wide eyes and looked straight at me.  My heart rate quickened and I turned red.  I opened my mouth wide and tried to say something, and before I could, my grandmother ALSO opened her mouth wide.  We looked at each other, mouths agape.

She then laughed the loudest and longest I had ever heard.  By the time we were all done, other cars were starting to look at us sideways, as everyone had tears streaming down their faces, and could barely breathe.  Far from being offended, she saw the humor.  When we could all breathe again, we went for dinner, and although I cannot remember it I suspect it was a good one, a lighthearted one.

In our world today, the same sort of comment garners a gathering of peeved academics, so offended at this comment that they took time from their busy, busy schedules to put together a letter.  A rebuke.  A scolding.  This, in turn, and disappointingly,  prompted a public apology .. which in turn prompted a CBC news article!  All this craziness over a french guy mistaking a word!  Sampling the vegetarians?  Is strikes me as really, really silly.  Childishly silly.  I really do not know a single person who would ever behave like this (well I know two, but they are both idiots.)

I should also mention the limp wristed style in which the CBC article was written.  Never one to miss an opportunity to only present one side of a story, CBC does not once hint at the sentiment that shows up overwhelmingly and instantly in their comment section, which is: “What a bunch of whimpering crybabies.”  They do themselves a disservice (and slightly show the skirt of their agenda!) by making such a big deal out of such a silly issue.  Why don’t they do an in depth article  on the current state of Fukushima, or perhaps an explanation article on the horribly poor Dakota Access Pipeline coverage?  Where’s the article on the Soros leaks?  How about Pizzagate?  Twittergate?  The collapse of free speech Reddit?  The crazy state of global financial markets?  The class action suit against Scotiabank for rigging gold and silver markets?  There are huge, major, earth shattering things happening the WORLD OVER, and CBC has time to write a poor article about some whinging safe spacers who’ve gotten dirt on their pacifiers.  They could at LEAST write poor articles about things that are important .. but no .. they have to be poor AND unimportant.  How sad is it that they do this “journalism” with public monies?

Make no mistake – political correctness is tyranny wrapped in politeness. If we lose the ability to freely express ourselves and grow fearful at our own reality, we’re missing great parts of what it is to be alive.  After decades of this PC bullshit, sex relations are at their worst in recorded history.  NO progress has been made, we’ve gone backwards.  Men are unhappier.  Women are unhappier.  Children are confused, and something as simple and basic as human reproduction has been complicated to the point where many have just given up and opted out!  Don’t kneel to political correctness: stand for freedom.

In summary:

  • Our universities are apparently filled with children, run by children.
  • Political correctness is the death of the human spirit.
  • CBC sucks, don’t trust them.

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