Winter video Tour of Walkerland: January 2018 Edition

Winter video Tour of Walkerland: January 2018 Edition

We just finished cleaning up after the Maritime Nor’easter of 2018.

There was plenty of advanced notice about this storm and we were prepared for it.  We tested the generator, the back up generator, added heavy straw bedding to the chicken coop and made sure there was nothing that could blow away or get damaged during the storm. We also brought in a few big loads of firewood, just in case. Here is a CBC article about the storm.

Mother nature put on a pretty good show for us. It battered us with heavy winds, ice and snow but the house and outbuildings sustained no damage. The howling winds made the house shudder and creak from time to time but we were warm and toasty all night. We awoke to 4- 5FT snowdrifts through much of the property. Overall we were pretty lucky, we’ve seen worse!

I was gifted a video camera recently and  was able to capture the beginning of the storm: you can watch it here. You can also watch my post storm guided tour of the homestead.   In the post storm video tour you’ll get to see the homestead in all of it’s winter glory including the: solar panels, wood shed, tractor, wood furnace, chicken coop and more.

Winter Video Tour

Grab a coffee and come take a walk with me. You can find the video by clicking this link or playing the video below.

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3 thoughts on “Winter video Tour of Walkerland: January 2018 Edition

  1. J says:

    How ironic that I just mentioned “nor’easter” in my e-mail to you! Darn. I just now ran across this post, wanted to see and compare winter storms. Seems this video platform does not work with iPads :(. Glad that all survived pretty much unscathed. What we can see of your log home, it seems to be very well constructed. Is your home an original or a pre-cut, packaged home? I like the fact it appears to have ample covered porch area…gotta love a porch!

    • Charlotte Walker says:

      Sorry about that John, I have no idea what’s going wrong with DTube. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll work on getting that fixed.

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